About Us

Siam Transystem Group (1999) Co., Ltd has been founded an provide the service on unloading products from ship to lighters and then unloading them to trucks in order to transport to warehouse or other places as specified by customers. The main customer group of the Company is related to steel manufacturing industry both as raw material and as every kind of shape iron which is greatly expanding and the company has expertise in transporting steel production from experience for more than 20 years. Moreover, Siam Transystem Group (1999) Co., Ltd is well equipped to provide products transportation service in the type of container and other products such as mineral, fertilizer, granite, logs, rice, construction work piece, machines and others.

Later the company expanded the service on other aspects with the objective to provide convenience to customers. The company sees the development of potential in the added service and at the same time it would help to save the expense for customers greatly. This is because the company receives trust on the responsibility on the products which the company places great emphasizes on.

Right now, the company has operated the business on well-rounded logistics business by providing shipping service in order to provide convenience on customs clearance process on both importing and exporting, and the company has opened the lighter ship port on Ratburana road which is the most convenience location to provide the service of product shipping to the road area of Rama 2, Rama 3, Samutrprakarn, Samutrsakorn, Samutsongkram, and Ratburi. This port has the area more than 10 rais which is ready to provide the service of outdoor warehouse. The company and every personnel emphasize on providing the service for the highest satisfaction of customers.